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  • About Fencing Institute of Texas, Inc.

    The Fencing Institute of Texas is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization operated by a Board of Directors with a special interest in developing the sport of fencing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Neither members of FIT nor anyone on the board may receive remuneration from the organization. The only paid individuals are our coaching staff. All fees collected and donations made to the organization are dedicated to the growth of fencing in the community. Donations made to Fencing Institute of Texas are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

  • Vision, Mission, Mandate

    The Fencing Institute of Texas’ vision is to develop the sport of fencing (Olympic, classical and theatrical) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In order to do this, the Board of Directors has taken on the mission of increasing awareness of the sport through media events, tournaments, and other venues; and making the sport of fencing available to those who might not have an opportunity to experience the history and  benefits of this sport.


    The mission of Fencing Institute of Texas is to increase awareness of the sport through media events, tournaments, and other venues; make the sport of fencing accessible through scholarship to all persons; and to support the academic success of students by exposing them to university coaches throughout the United States.


    In 2000, FIT began working with the Dallas 2012 Committee, City of Dallas and City of Arlington, to bring National Tournaments to the Metroplex.  In doing so, we developed a 5-year plan  and heightened awareness for this sport enabling several new clubs to develop. Our area grew from 3 to 12 clubs during this 5 year period. FIT continues to work with the US Fencing Association to bring National tournaments to our area. Although we did not get the 2012 Olympics, we will be hosting the 2012 Summer National Championships in Dallas.


    We envision a premier school of fencing, coaches dedicated to the development of their students, and Olympic and World Cup winners! FIT Coaching staff and supporting instructors must pass stringent requirements before being hired at FIT.  We expect our instructors to continue their personal education by attending either the USFCA or USFA Coaches Colleges. FIT Fencing Masters have attained the highest level of competency through university degree programs and pedagogy.


    Fencing Institute of Texas is a 509(c)(3) non-profit organization. You may help our fencers and provide scholarship to students by donating through PayPal.  You can make a difference to a child’s healthy development by donating here. Just click on the secure PayPal Donate button below and follow the instructions.